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        By stretching or relieving tension on a string, the pitch of that string is either raised or lowered. Tuning is the art of adjusting the tension of each string on a piano (there are over 200 strings!) so that it rings perfectly in tune and STAYS in tune. Depending on the age, condition, amount of play and the overall pitch, your piano may need to be tuned anywhere from once a year to three times a year. Concert pianos require more frequent tunings. A standard tuning costs $100, which includes taxes. Travel time (outside of 30 miles from Lee, MA) may be extra.


        Repairs can range from fixing sticky keys to replacing broken strings, worn felts, broken keytops, fixing music desks, benches and on and on. Repairs will either be quoted on site or an estimate will be sent to you after inspection.


        The voicing of a piano involves the manipulation of the felt on a hammer to produce either a more crisp or a more mellow tone. Voicing can also entail the reshaping of hammer felt and the leveling of strings. The final result will be a more even sounding piano, performing at its highest musical potential. Voicing services will either be quoted on site or an estimate will be sent to you after inspection.


        Regulating a piano is an in-depth service which essentially returns a piano's action mechanism, including the keys, to their original factory specifications or to scientifically derived specifications that will result in an entirely even feel when playing the piano. Your piano keys may feel too "heavy" or too "light" when you play. This is one sign that a piano that may be out of regulation. If you ever feel pain in your hands, wrists or arms during or after playing the piano, this could be another indication that your action is out of alignment. Do not feel that you have to put up with this or find a new piano! There are solutions.

        Another benefit to regulation is the in-depth look at all working parts of your piano (there are thousands!). This is a great preventative measure that will catch any inconsistencies, cracks, loose centers and worn felts before they break or render notes unplayable. Regulation services will either be quoted on site or an estimate will be sent to you after inspection.


        I am happy to provide you with an estimated worth of your piano for insurance, purchase or sales purposes. Your appraisal will be typed and mailed to you within 5 days of inspection. Appraisals range from $50-$100.

        It is highly recommended that a professional piano technician inspects used pianos before they are purchased. This can save YOU both time and money.

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